Budo includes older martial arts, but typically refers to the martial arts developed after the Meiji Restoration.  Budo is more than just martial art techniques, it is a way of life that emphasizes discipline, self-improvement, and training.  The pursuit of Budo is part of a shared mentality of pursuing “The Way”. As such, it is similar to the tea ceremony, Japanese dance, artistic work, and sports. The philosophy of martial arts varies depending on the times, organizations and individuals.



      Ancient Japanese martial arts


Currently the Japan Budo Council states “Budo is organized in Japan and derives from the tradition of Bushido. It emphasizes the pursuit of culture and mental strength through training in the martial arts of judo, karate, kendo, sumo, archery, aikido, Shorinji Kempo, Naginata, and others.  Through this training one can refine themselves and become a better person.  In this way Budo seeks to contribute to the peace and prosperity of the nation and society, raise moral values, and cultivate attitudes of respect and courtesy.