Saihoji Temple

In 1994, Kokedera (official name is Saihoji) was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site as one of the 17 Historic temples, shrines and castles in the ancient city – Kyoto, together with the Kiyomizu Temple and the Kinkakuji Temple.









Saihoji Temple

About 120 kinds of moss(koke) covered inside the garden, it is called Kokedera Temple from the beauty like spreading green carpet. About 30,000 square meters of gardens enjoy a beautiful landscape throughout the year. Especially during autumn leaves season the trees in the garden and the exquisite contrast between the moss will take away the eye.

Worship procedure

Preliminary application is necessary for worshiping.  An applications can be written preferred worship date in round-trip postcard (or postal mail for visitors from abroad), but you can not hope for time.

As the number of visitors increased, “the tourist pollution” started to become a problem. In order to keep the original religious atmosphere and let visitors pray in peace, instead of blindly increasing tourists, from 1977 Saihoji Temple decided to implement a small-group visiting system with pre-reservation and participate in religious rituals at the Hondo, before reaching the garden.